Be Safe on a Bike

Owning a bicycle is one thing. Riding it in a safe and responsible manner on the streets, is often another. As part of the Bike4All Project, PPA and BEN launched the COOL KID ON A BIKE programme. This exciting programme is aimed at school-going learners and has been presented at schools and cycling clubs around Cape Town, as well as at some Open Streets initiatives.

The COOL KID ON A BIKE programme teaches our budding young cyclists all about the basics about safe cycling, including topics like:

– Know your bicycle… What should you check before you set off, and why?
– Dress for safety… Why must you wear a helmet? And bright, visible clothes?
– Cycling signals and riding tips

In this section, our cool programme looks at the “ABC’ check before you set off, and give safe cycling tips like riding in single file, how to control your bicycle and more.

In this section we look in more detail at the various hand signals, road signs and road markings that are applicable to cycling in South Africa in particular.

Do you perhaps know of a school that would love to have the COOL KID ON A BIKE programme presented to Grades 4, 5 or 6? Please let us know.