Bicycles For Al-Noor Orphanage

The amazing team at AL-Noor orphanage earn their kids four new bikes. Bike4All, together with Active Bodies Sports Development (ABSD), recently donated four bikes to the Al-Noor orphanage in Woodstock. We were very keen to help Al-Noor who do incredible work in providing accommodation, education, medical, cultural and human basic needs to orphans who either have HIV/AIDS or have been affected by the disease.

ABSD, previously known as Team Spartans Development Cycling Club, is dedicated to promoting cycling among the youth in underprivileged communities, and their goals align perfectly with ours. Besides the daily playtime, there are currently no other sport activities at the centre for the Al-Noor kids and the Bike4All team wanted to make a difference in their lives by getting get kids actively involved in cycling. Given that ABSD has similar programs with another orphanages, they were the ideal partners.

ABSD purchased two Bike4All BMX bicycles – a figure we matched – and four Bike4All BMX bicycles were handed over to the orphanage. But that’s not all! We have also committed to…

  • More bikes: Bike4All has committed to donating another six bicycles to Al-Noor
  • Maintenance skills: We will also be taking along a bicycle mechanic to teach the kids to do basic bicycle maintenance themselves.
  • Bike safety skills: we will be providing safe-cycling tips and guidelines to our enthusiastic new young riders
  • Cape Town Cycle Tour finishers: together with ABSD’s assistance, we’re aiming at helping at least one Al-Noor child to train for and complete the 2019 Cape Town Cycle Tour!