McGregor gets 100 new bikes

We put our efforts behind a local initiative to get more residents mobile.

When McGregor’s Max Menzies approached us to donate some bikes to this cycling initiative we were only too glad to help. Max is the man behind The McGregor Young Warriors – a programme the aims to uplift the kids in the village’s poorer community and one we have supported before.

We share a commitment to establish a cycling culture in McGregor – whether it’s providing mobility for adults with the robust utility bikes, or some fun and freedom for kids with the BMXs.

Max worked with the community to compile a list of recipients and on Monday 17 December, together with Pedal Power Association CEO, Robert Vogel, handed over the distinctive red and yellow bicycles.

As ever, the PPA does ask for a small contribution from each recipient, depending on their financial circumstances – in this instance, R300 per bike – and that money is put into a fund to help maintain the bicycles.

“Bike4All also aims to equip the community with the ability to maintain their bicycles,” says Robert. “The money is put into a PPA account specifically for McGregor and it is all used to support a bike mechanic who will give each bike one service, as well as to purchase some basic spare parts.”

We also provide some basic bike maintenance education at each handover, which goes along with the mechanic service – a well-maintained bike has a long lifespan and we would like new owners to enjoy their new bicycles for the maximum time. So far Bike4All has donated around 170 bicycles to the McGregor community.