Bicycles change lives. But not everyone can afford to buy his or her own bicycle. Please help us to get more bicycles out there.

Why not sponsor a bicycle? Maybe there’s someone in your community whose life will be changed if they can use a bicycle to ride to school or work. Maybe it’s someone who works for you; or a friend. Maybe it’s someone you don’t know but who lives in your neighbourhood, whose life will be changed if s/he can cycle to where s/he needs to be, instead of spending hours walking.

Thank you for considering sponsoring a bicycle. Maybe even more than one.

A #Bike4All utility bicycle costs R2000 excluding VAT, including a helmet and a small ‘starter kit’ with a bicycle pump, tyre levers and a patch kit.

Sizes: 16″, 18″ and 22″

The bicycles are available for collection in Cape Town, or can be shipped anywhere in South Africa. Courier fees will apply, unless we can find a lift for the bicycle(s). The bicycle will be boxed, and you’ll just have to put them together for the happy and lucky recipient.

You could also consider sponsoring a maintenance plan for one or more bicycles, or even to assist with a BEC to be established.

How else can you help?

We would love to expose as many kids as possible to the COOL KID ON A BIKE programme. Why not sponsor some booklets to be printed, or contribute towards the costs of a team to present these awesome safe cycling courses?

Please contact us for more information.